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From Nara to the world

Every time my friend comes to Nara, I drive up the Wakakusayama Drive Way together and look down at Heijyokyo (ancient capital in Nara) 1300 years ago, Emperor Shoumu, who built the Great Buddha must have come here and looked down at the basin, praying for the peace and order of the public.

The scenery is the best at nightfall. It is because you can see the sun setting on the Ikoma Mountain on the opposite side.

My friend, who had been travelling all over the world said that he had never seen such a beautiful sunset in his 60 years of life….he said he was more than grateful. It is certainly a great place that not many people know about.

Recently, couples from China and Korea come at this timing to take wedding pictures.
What I do is to set my iPhone to panorama mode and from Kasugayama, move the phone slowly to the right to capture the Uguisuzuka tomb (an ancient tomb) as well in the picture.

Just then, deer living on the mountain top come closer as if they want to be in the picture, which creates an atmosphere of 1300 years ago mixed into the present.